4our seasons – waves testo

attendere prego...

(that sh+t hard)

clean cut wippin in a beamer, who
top down in a two seater, ay
j.cole told me be a dreamer, so
f+ck you if you not a believer, yeah
i’ma get it get it in my own way
prophecy, quite possibly
if ty keeps on lobbin me
ain’t no body droppin me and that facts
keep it one hundred that check on my sneakers
came out the dungeon, step over the reaper
movin through phases
sh+t may be tricky, but cleveland my city
i’m reppin the ones who live anxious
who work two jobs while thе bills stack high
i’ve been in those shoes, gеttin stuck in those loops
stuck lookin for clues, searchin, but nothin was new
i let it all go with the pain on the brain
just flow with the notes, now the demons are tamed
now the demons are tame, yeah

(that sh+t hard)

straight to the top, cut off the spot
just a boy in the middle, who stepped on the lot
what else i’ma do when the pens all i got
used to ridin these waves, but they chase what i drop
look at the cards that i dealt from the start
aligned in a straight like the moon and the stars
with a joker to f+ck with my pain and my flaws
hit ’em with a left and a right and was gone
f+ck it i’m gone
look at all the people in the back
wantin smoke, but they cope with the liquor in the cup, gah d+mn
i don’t really know how it goes
but i’m spittin all these flows and i think i’m bout to float, sh+t man
bring it right back with a snapback in the backpack
no cap can i rep that
bring it right back with a snapback in the cap, nah sh+t f+ck it
(for real)
thought i was done, this a blast from the past
after spittin in cars with a girl on my dash
homie relax, your time was up while i waited in last
with your eyes shut and closed as a matter of fact
movin along while you stay in the back, ha
you thought i was done you better hold back

- 4our seasons testo

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