4n the human – cigarettes are gross testo

attendere prego...

i think cigarettes are gross
but i smoke them all the time
and i hate that i can’t smoke them inside
i don’t debate thats just a waste of my time
its either false or true or can’t be proved
like saying im fine

i don’t just say this to rhyme
i came to paint a portrait
of pain and lairs of torture
aimed to reframe the state of my mind
i plan to take it or die
i am a man thats defined
by all the daunting mountains
that i have and will manage to climb

im not a fan of most religions
the man that boosts his wisdom
deranged, a shame
how some demand to host extinction
i can’t condone their vision
but a man thats on a mission
can demand the throne and win it
leave them thrown by how he did it

so its all a competition
one of us is losing so
the other one can win it
if one of us can’t prove it
then the other one can diss him
if one of us is stupid
then its you
because the truth is made up by the victor
lies will filter
im sipping arnold palmer by the liter
while smoking marijuana high sativa
ive written all my songs without a feature
sometimes i think it wrong that im a preacher

cuz whats my message
whats my intel
and whats the best way for me to sell it
when i fell
i felt the best thing was for me to tell it
it being my story
ignore me i still am zealous
once im in h+ll
ima make people in heaven jealous

ima pave the way for my children
to make their way through the building
and take the stakes without feeling
afraid of failing adhering to what i taught
and the law of attraction
teach them not to fight but how to
if they’re ever caught in action
there are people on this earth
that take their turn to try and hurt me
i do not give a f+ck
as if i heard that they got herpes
each person has a purpose
but its worthless if they journey
further just to further
burden their attorney
heres the verdict

im not concerned with how you heard it
any of my verses versus these perverts
would leave them hurting where the curb is
i plot to turn rich before 30
everyone thats worthy earn its
if first they learn
not to compulsively purchase

you gotta balance it all
you take it too far to one end
then please don’t ask why you fall
quit acting passive and grow
but if you haven’t been shown
to fish and eat on you own
then you’re simply beat when alone
im just a beast in his zone
they can’t compete with want im on
im eating rappers like i fasted
and its time to feast for ramadan
peace to all that came and gone
see you when they say im on
have them geeking at my shows
like screenings shown at comic con

screaming f+ck the world
without a condom on
people leaving me hurdles
chief purple then i jump them all
compete this person
im certain they didn’t know the cost
beneath the surface
the purpose to why they f+cking lost

you should get lost
and find out where the f+ck you’re going
watch a tedtalk
read a book do something
exercise your mental
and you might just end up coming up
if you find it better whining
then your life will f+cking suck

run a muck and f+ck them up
until its nasty
in love with cuddles
and rubbing up on your ass cheeks
f+ck being subtle
my struggle is making ends meat
but luckily im hard to beat
upon a zen beat

ugly is the world
so beauty’s what we envy
ugly looking girls
got bootys that will make you sweat skeet
love will heal your heart
and burn you when its set free
so lovely is the word
i use when i smell weed

couple hundred spent on bud
since the last week
got the homie rolling up
in the backseat
i got drive when i die
ill let my past speak
now i try to leave my mark
like i got fat feet

you might find me at the park
mobbing ten deep
implied a loser every time
me and my dad speak
but im always number one
if you ask me
i can’t be the runner up
i got a bad knee

- 4n the human testo

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