4lung – the meadow testo

attendere prego...

against ours perception of all sense that i experienced through synesthesia and i couldn’t think of new ways of develops new hidden information for untapped information around the world. there’s more to just everything compounded on top of everything just everywhere you look there’s just an infinite amount more to it

the world used to be home

there’s never a rush out of the measow
there might be danger
out there and you’re unprotected
the meadow is wide and there are no trees and bushes to hide in
so we have to go in very carefully

it seems it is safer inside
so, i suppose i will stay here
bask in light’s stream
and i hope it’s enough to make it grow
i suppose i can take my chances out in the meadow
but, i hear the water out there makes you thirsty
and, god that would hurt [?] for me

- 4lung testo

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