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when i was a little kid, my dad would never let me grow my hair out. i was one long hair, he said, “no, no son of mine is leaving the house looking like no girl.”. now, i’m twenty+four years old like i be cups

i can remember back in 2015 when i started presenting as female. some kid on my community college campus came up to me and he said, “yo, can i ask why you’re dressed like that?”. and i said, “oh, yeah, i make electronic music.”

one time when i was about four years old, my dad was trying to get me to eat rice for the first time. i didn’t like the way that it felt in my mouth and i gagged and regurgitated it and then, he got so p+ssed, he f+cking yelled at me, and he f+cking made me eat that sh+t a second time. he made eat my own f+cking vomit. sh+t was f+cked up. years later, my garbage disposal broke in my house and i went downstairs to help my roommates fix it and there was just mushy f+cking globs of rice all over the floor and suddenly, i started feeling like i was in severe danger and i was like what the f+ck is happening to me? and then, it donned on me that i’m f+cking traumatized and soggy rice is my trigger

- 4lung testo

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