4lung – drywall testo

attendere prego...

hit my head against this wall so many f+cking times
feel the drywall caving in around my outline
landlord tells me my deposit is as good as spent
i don’t give a f+ck, it’s not like i’ve been paying rent (x2)

i think im losing touch
my mind is somewhere else
i’m looking at my phone
k!lling my mental health
this is a cry for help, so if you hear me please
somebody help me please help me
cure my disease

i wanna do a million whip+it’s till my brain explodes
i wanna stay in bed and never put on any clothes
i wanna smoke until my motherf+cking lungs explode
sleeping through another hundred sh+tty episodes

i wanna dye my hair and tease it till i’m looking scene
i wanna bury all my thoughts in lines of ketamine
i wanna k!ll my dad and feed my mom psilocybe
and drown to death inside a pool of liquid dopamine

- 4lung testo

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