4lorida jitt – no hook 3 testo

attendere prego...

no hook part 3 i’m back at it again
double d titties they looking like twins
b+tch imma spin
we tryna opp hunt sending shots through the wind
strapped up in the stu all my lil n+ggas piped up
he finna die cause u got his ass hiped up
blood on my hands like i walked out of fight club
i f+cked her once treat her like i don’t like her, d+mn
straight off the rip what you talkin’ bout
he hid in the cut so we shot at his mama house
now we finna shoot at his father house
ain’t talking tv but these jits got me wildin’ out
i told him to slide n+gga what you doing
drilling the opps n+gga get to scr+w+ng
got hit in his head his blood get to spewing
spotted a opp time to get to shooting
i know where he stay at
slide on his block and send shots out the maybach d+mn
he know not to take that
slide through step on his ass like a place mat d+mn
we don’t chase b+tches we chase racks
diss on the gang get him whacked told him take that
we gonna send shots through his face mask
since we wanna chase told his b+tch ass to chase that
that n+gga p+ssy my choppa gonna f+ck him
b+tch i shoot back yo b+tch ass better duck them
b+tches on me and they think imma cuff them
b+tch, i won’t go out like no sucker
i just wanna f+ck her them im finna dub her
he think he funny he think he chris tucker
you better be strapped when i pull up motherf+cker
d+mn, he gonna get popped like a bubble
shot at a n+gga since he think he fooling me
stuck on probation my mom said she through with me
f+ck yo dead homies what you gonna do to me
he said he sliding b+tch that ain’t new to me
for you im riding if you stay true to me
my dawg lil reio got caught up with truancy
beat from the back she said malli you doing me
broke all her sh+t so she say that she suing me
d+mn, this beat going dumb
slide on a opp b+tch we do it for fun
tied up his sh+t that boy ready to run
run from the gun and your ass gonna be done
son, talking sh+t your gonna get slumped
run up on me i got heat in the back like the sun
told his b+tch ass not to run
now his mama wishing and crying that her son would come
i got a glock in my left hand
and in my pocket that 10 bands
i told his ass not to test mans
i told her not to trust friends
they wanna beef with a n+gga
but all of these n+ggas they f+cking fans
im croping him out of the picture
these n+ggas is hoes they f+cking trans

- 4lorida jitt testo

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