4l javi – lyrical excercise testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
i don’t talk like this but you got me in my zone
and i get a good feelin’ when you tap into my phone
like a newborn baby i can’t wait to take you home
i would still choose you even if you had a clone
i’m the n+gga that’s gone listen to your problems
real raw but i f+ck you with these condoms
i’m the open ear but they don’t listen to me
these gold chains just don’t glisten to me
last b+tch did me foul but i’m past that
i can’t stress over a b+tch wit my heart, you can’t match that
and her new n+gga is b+tch and i know he gone hear this
i know i gotta sample in this b+tch, i ain’t gone clear this
up a couple bands but i tuck it like i’m broke
i won’t let you stand up if you take me as a joke
i be playin dumb wit these b+tches, i ain’t got it
all these hoes foldin on me, they ain’t even caught it
sittin’ in her audi, you would think i bought it
i almost k!lled that n+gga, i ain’t do it but i thought it

[verse 2]
n+ggas actin’ blind, but they b+tches wanna see me
better act fast before the price go up on tv
me and thirty talk life and where we would be
workin’ hard as f+ck to get where we should be
finally found sumn good and i bet not f+ck it up
cause these b+tches on me tough, but they bet not f+ck it up
cause we up next and they wanna f+ck wit us
4l to yo b+tch cause you know she run it up
and if it’s up then it’s stuck
f+ck yo b+tch wit my thumb in her b+tt
she screaming loud, she can feel me in her gut

but i’m gone out that stage
my new b+tch hold me down like a dog in his cage
and i met her insta but i won’t post her on my page
young n+gga but i love when these b+tches got some age
b+tch say she gotta couple m’s, imma marry her
get her pregnant, make her have my children and carry em
free biggs, rip woo
i f+ck with the d
sada baby cash kidd, them n+ggas coo
in this b+tch throwin’ 4’s but it’s 3 of us
b+tch n+gga mad he can’t be wit us
we move different, mysterious
think he can touch us, godd+mn he delirious
brought my cousin to this sh+t
but he bang bloods in this b+tch
ain’t no love in this b+tch
we ain’t huggin’ n sh+t
mean muggin’ off whatever in my cup
grab my nuts, look him in his eyes and say wassup

- 4l javi testo

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