4l javi – hope so testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
smokin’ by the beaches
her taste like peach
she love coach+lla, she stay in long beach
she like me cause i’m poppin’ in our section
n+gga foamin’ at the mouth, cardiac arrest him
we can’t waste no time
3 b+tches on my mind
aye, which one gone be my mine
hotbox the whip now we talkin’ bout bullsh+t
like what’s her favorite outfit
don’t talk relationships, baby girl i doubt it
i usually don’t smoke but you got me in my zone
and i hate dumb hoes, i got plenty in my phone
let me snap tho
she wouldn’t even let you clap tho
don’t ask for my name, it’s on my hat hoe

[verse 2]
let this tec sing, i gotta pro tool
hangin’ with the b’s, everything bool
and i f+ck wit the crips, everything cool
my old b+tch still tryna get back wit me
gawdd+mn she still attached to me
her new n+gga don’t match wit me
new b+tch got impact on me
i think sh+t goin for the better now
me and her just going fah the cheddar now
tell my b+tch that she stuck wit me
if you outside then sh+t you outta luck wit me
you washed up, get up out the sink widdit
yo b+tch not fly, why she rock pink widdit
fresh ass pro club with this gold chain
stella got me like h+ll yeah i’m off some novacane
she lookin’ like a bag of money
i hit l!cks and move on, now her nose runny
and you know i love b+tches, shoutout that n+gga sunny
[verse 3]
and this might not even make it
she don’t wanna give it, i won’t take it
only tell the truth, h+ll nah i can’t fake it
face a wood before bed
cause i can’t get her out my head
yo b+tch could never, she ain’t even got no bread
read her like a book, i didn’t go down like a thread
we gone pop soon, yeah i hope so
say she love me, yeah i hope so
couple thousand on the flo doe
is she coming home wit me, yeah i hope so
another bottle down i got half a blunt left to go
can’t hold more grudges i had to just let it go
yeah i love when she deep throat
my b+tch wear fox fur, yours put on a cheap coat
love her but i’m not in love wit her
she gotta n+gga but i love when i’m wit her
ghost women when i get bored, i’m hopeless
i got no one to confide in, i’m homeless

- 4l javi testo

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