4l javi – 1st place testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
f+ck that lil bullsh+t they be talkin’ bout
turn the club up, them n+ggas get to walkin’ out
5 deep in the whip, who we chalkin’ out
hit the stage, all my n+ggas get to rockin out
watch my back not tryna end up on a poster n+gga
gun on my waist, but it’s not in no holster n+gga
they getting younger, but death is getting closer n+gga
lord keep us safe, i ain’t even touch 6 figures
not tryna lose it all in one basket
gamblin’ with wolves gets you end up in a casket
f+ck wit me the long way
and she can get some birkin’ if she f+ck wit me the strong way
big checks, rolex
she wanna f+ck me, she can tell i’m up next
price went up, worth more than a hunnid
i know b+tch n+ggas hate it when i come thru stuntin
i’m 1st place n+gga

i swear to god i’m 1st place n+gga

[verse 2]
watchu see in me, you won’t another n+gga
don’t test sh+t cause i’ll k!ll fah my brothers n+gga
might hit ya patna and call that sh+t a and 1
spin the block and throw these 4’s in they face for fun
i’m in the dark in this mini chop, big glock
time is on my hand, you can call that sh+t a tiktok
wrist watch, we can turn this sh+t up a notch
tell em bring white wine, ion even drink skotch
we pushin’ harder than these n+ggas tryna do it
and i’m not dissin’ but you other n+ggas really blew it
i’m done helping those who never looked out for me
i feed off it tho, i love when they be doubting me
4l to yo neck and on my arm
i just look at her and she can tell i got charm
marathon but i’m first place in this b+tch
loyalty on my body, how the f+ck i’m gone switch

- 4l javi testo

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