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(young painz) i had all this sh-t on god
(4l glocky) yeaaa ayyyy
[verse : 4l glocky]
f-ckin yo hoe i’m puttin d-ck in her back,she f-cked the gang thats a whole rack, run up on me you get shoot wit dhet tec, shot him in the head then shoot him in da back, can’t say sh-t cause dese n-ggas sum rats, shot at ah crip left that n-gga up wet, big f-ckin blood so i had to go check, big f-ckin blood so i had to go check, put ah bag right on yo head, n-gga ah p-ssy he talk all dhet shii, ain f-ckin wit him, ain goin back in fourth with no p-ssy
[verse 2 : 4l glocky]
f-ck 12, n-gga f-ck the law, ain f-ckin wit em, smoking gas got my lungs burned out, f-ckin yo hoe i’m puttin d-ck in her back, she suckin d-ck yea for ah rack, we got them choppas go run up dhet bag, shoot at yo mama i shoot at da minivan, cruzin down yo block i put 2 you ain hearin dhet, white b-tch nose put dhet boy on da news, he talkin sh-t like he wit it, we got them choppas go shoot at his sh-t, then go call my n-gga qua with da bag, run up on me big blood leave dhet n-gga on da news, dese n-ggas p-ssy fox 5 put dhet boi on da news, we ain playing wit him, yea p-ss dhet sh-t to my n-gga qua we got them choppas in zone 8, i’m done wit this sh-t, i’m just hearin dhet f-ck all n-ggas that’s p-ssy, yea , yea , yea , yea , yea , yea
[verse : young painz]
yeah, yeah, i ain wit that tellin sh-t, i hang wit gorillas that ah put that 6 to ya head, b-tch -ss n-gga don’t play with me, finna get geeked smokin gas

- 4l glocky testo

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