4kids – one piece pirate rap testo

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yo! ya+yo, ya+yo
dreamin’, don’t give it up luffy!
dreamin’, don’t give it up zolo!
dreamin’, don’t give it up nami!
dreamin’, don’t give it give it up give it up give it up give it up give it+ no!
[verse 1]
here’s how the story goes we find out;
about a treasure in the grand line
theres no doubt, the pirate whose eye is on it
he’ll sing i’ll be king of the pirates!
i’m gonna be king!
[verse 2]
ya+yo, ya+yo, ya+yo, ho+ho
his name is luffy
(that’s monkey d. luffy)
gonna be king of the pirates!
he’s made of rubber (how did that happen?)
yo+ho+ho he took a bite of gum gum!
[verse 3]
ya+yo, ya+yo
his name’s zolo, he’s just like a samurai
and a l+a+d+y nami’s not shy
the pirate crew coming through, doin’ their thing
with the king of the pirates, he’s gonna be king!
ya+yo, ya+yo, ya+yo, hoo+hoo
set sail for one piece, it’s the name of the treasure in the grand line!
ya+yo, ya+yo
set sail for one piece!

- 4kids testo

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