4him – sacred hideaway testo

attendere prego...

there’s a shadow i can’t see
from a holy canopy
that my father spread for me
when i’m strong or when i’m weak
when i wake or when i sleep
he is watching over me
over me…..
over me
to the temporary mind
i can’t logically define
this love cover so devine
just beneath what lies between
what is real and what is seen
there is a refuge in his wing
in his wing…
in his wing
i have found a secret place
where i can go to hide away
safe inside this hallowed sp-ce
i am concealed by saving grace
forever in this sacred hideaway
flaming arrows deep in flight
people dropping left and right
still i’m safely out of sight
darkness trying to prevail
demons fighting tooth and nail
but i’m kept within the veil
in the veil… (there’s a place that lies between)
(what is real and what is seen)
in the veil (a shadow i can’t see)
(when i’m underneath his wing)
repeat chorus
still within this life
there’s so much to learn
barriers to cross
their bridges to be burned
and where the lion walks
i will not be afraid
my feet may touch the earth
but my heart is swept away
in this hideaway
repeat chorus

- 4him testo

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