4eva caden – tragic day testo

attendere prego...

just like jid i was down down bad
got this all on my own yea i bounced right back
it was jus me and my mom yea i ain ever had a dad
ion mess wit these rappers they so fake and bland
my rappin ability is something that’ll forever expand
my success ain’t luck it’s all perfectly planned
if you don’t get it i’ll make you understand
i ain’t gon ever stop till i make a couple hundred grand
wait that ain’t enough i need way more in my hand
green stuffed all up in my pants

let me tell you a little something about the game
rap is an art made to assimilate
bars constructed and madе to vindicate
or tell the story that’ll makе you acidulate
they hate to see me win so they try to eviscerate
my mind is too powerful for you to try and imitate
it’ll leave you stuck and disarticulate
see it’s not wise, for you got bigger dreams to chase
so don’t worry bout what i got in my case
otherwise you’ll get hit with this ak or 9
pointed at ya dome to blow your mind
leave you stuck like a mime
oh my god i don’t lie

see i will not glorify the ignorance the media loves to show
i believe there’s more to life the havin some hoes
grippin on the pole
and smoking a lot of dope
the media sees that ignorance in you and takes advantage
feed you these lies to brainwash you to believing what they want and leave you stranded
but i won’t let that happen to me i got the game covered like a bandage
i know how to do my own research so i’ll always have the advantage
i know i rhymed that word already but it don’t matter like which way you flip a sandwich
although i don’t keep a bliicky
i won’t get caught lackin like ricky
cuz i keep shooters around if i feel you iffy
can’t trust these hoes they tryna set you up like a pass play
assist the opps to ya crib 3 hollow points thru the window it’s a tragic day
it’s a tragic day
bb simon it’s all on my f+cking waist, imma pull up on his block wit a 38k, n+ggas all in my bizz tell em get out the way, i told that b+tch throw that ass make it shake, he said he was bout it that n+gga so fake, n+ggas say anything just to get laid mane that couldn’t be me tho, i’m tryna get money i ain’t worried bout beef hoe, you can tell that it’s me i shine bright on the street tho, yo b+tch on my line that lil bitxh a freak hoe, yo homie got shot that won’t happen to me tho, we up in the function toting on the big pole, i got them shooters in texas i say a word they gone shoot where ya neck is, send me the drop i don’t care where the next is, billeted damage his lungs like he smoking in ciggs, please get off my d+ck man i’m tryna get big, been a bad ass n+gga since i was a kid, i smoke the gas you be smoking that mid, i shoot out the k it’s gone knock off ya lid, i stay precautions like my name was sid, she clapping ass man her booty real big, pass the glock to my homie like i’m jason kid, why you beefing wit me i don’t know ow who you is, i be so high i’m fly just like a kite i got a b+tch and she strapped like a dyk+, up in the store toting on a pipe, n+gga play wit me imma take his life

- 4eva caden testo

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