4ep casino – jungle baby flow testo

attendere prego...

it’s lil otto

i say, i pray to god, because n+ggas say they gone k!ll me
imma jungle baby

i swear in my city, mane it’s so crazy
people dying on a daily (pow, pow, pop)

i know these n+ggas wanna take my soul
but on my soul, i won’t fold (naw)
if you want pressure, just let me know
call up my n+ggas, because they on go (yeah)
if you want smoke, we’ll let it blow (pow, pow)
i keep a pole, because i ain’t going out like no hoe (h+ll naw)
i know these n+ggas hate on me
i know they wanna k!ll me
i know they wanna stop me
but i ain’t gone stop (i ain’t never gone stop)
i ain’t gone stop until i get them millions
i want them comas, i want them numbers
trynna stay focus and be humble
pulled up presidential, looking like obama (yeah)
i got plenty guns, you can call me osama (strrrd)
big bankroll, can’t fold
bank account looking like a phone number
came in the game on fire, i’m hot like the summer
balling like kobe, black mamba (swish)
go get that bag and run with it, i won’t fumble (h+ll naw)
go get that sack and run with it, like a running back
can’t trust everybody (nope)
i been betrayed and stabbed in the back (stabbed in the back)
imma run to them racks (yeah)
like a big n+gga, run in the paint and dunk like shaq
if a n+gga want smoke, tell him, drop his address and i’m gone pull up where he stay at (skrrrt)
i say mirror, mirror on the wall
i told god, i wanna ball (swish)
i’m just trynna make it to the top
but these hating ass n+ggas want me to fall (yeah)
they just want me to fall

(aye) and these n+ggas be capping (capping ass n+ggas)
talking about that street life when they be rapping
and talking all that cash money sh+t
but they ain’t about no action
i bet, i pull up on them right now
and i bet they lacking
aye, i ride with a stick
anybody can get hit
when we shoot, we don’t miss
my diamonds gliss
gold on, looking like p+ss
we can shoot or throw fists
i don’t beef over no b+tch
i’ll go to war, with whoever you with
think i need some toilet paper
because i swear i’m the sh+t
i remember that night when it was cold
i remember sleeping on the floor
i remember jumping off the porch
i remember people doubted me
and said, i wasn’t gone make it
that’s when i lost hope, but then i talked to god
he said my dream coming
so i hopped in the studio and dropped “too cold” (yeah)
you can’t ride my wave unless you got a float
naw, f+ck that!!! unless you got a boat
imma showstopper, because i steal the show (yeah)
because i’m the goat
if yeen know, then you must forgot my name “lil otto”
jungle baby, yeah my city love me
but i got some people who still hate me
i do this for the ones i love
my family and lele, that’s my baby
i keep that tool for safety
because i can’t let a n+gga take me (nope)

- 4ep casino testo

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