4eign – no names testo

attendere prego...

if you’re wondering if it’s about you, it is…cause this about everybody

no names

you the one who broke my heart cause it was cap
im the one that you would call when you was sad
you my bro but you the one who stabbed my back
was my bestfriend now i wonder where you at
indecisive i don’t know where to begin
wasn’t trippin girl i know you wanted him
whatchu up to where you been at how you been
you was lyin tellin me you’d never sin
back to basics now we back to how it’d start
would’ve left you if i knew you’d break my heart
never thought that you and i could break apart
why you trippin haven’t seen you since like march
now you hit me cause you know i gotta car
waste my money n-gga i’m no money jar
don’t you tell me you don’t want me cause i’m far
you the reason that i got me lungs of tar
sparked my night up now you tryna put me out
you be silent when i ask you what’s it bout’
boy you with me cause you know i’m getting clout
wasn’t with me when you saw me in a drought
think it’s crazy how you tried to steal my sh-t
think it’s crazy how you tried to steal my b-tch
think it’s funny how you preach you not a snitch
think it’s funny you the same since you jhit
when i started you would call my music trash

rubbin off the paint ,it was me and bat

- 4eign testo

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