4c wayve – pile it testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
i’m in la now in a penthouse
money the mission
dripping dior, dior i get the money i spend it
ya pack and i flip it
you know wassup see me running the digits
big bag pockets can’t even fit it
i bounce back but i’m not playing tennis
yeah, i was just down like a shoe lace
now see me balling like 2k
moncler cost me 2k
i’m going up on a tuesday
yeah, i just love money and music
tell me how that sh+t confusing
yeah, all of these shorties be choosing
that ain’t got nothing to do with me

[verse 2]
i’m getting a bag, bag, bag, repping 4c
big stacks, my pockets od
beamer truck how a n+gga rolling
2020 said it’s our year
shorty bugging get out my hair
diamonds dance like light ya
and all my n+ggas with me right here
i just want a wraith on god
i could never save no thot
in calabasas my bro in a aston
i’m holding up 4 fingers for my dog
i could never save no thot
get out my face ya
i can’t relate ya shorty a faker
i just want the paper
i gotta skate i will see you later
she know i’m a player, ya
back back with the fake stuff, ya
mad racks in the safe up, now
running this paper, now
i don’t got time to be lazy
stay on my grind on a daily
why n+ggas talking so crazy?
i know these f+ck n+ggas hate me, yeah

[verse 3]
only got time for the dough not time for falling in love
my brothers holding them 4’s now people showing me love
all the b+tches is a dub y’all was just showing me up
had to show n+ggas wassup had to get right to the bucks
i wanna hop in a v12 hit the highway see me riding
i pay attention to detail ’cause the lame n+ggas really grimy
like why do y’all be on that f+ck sh+t?
claim you real n+gga, you be lying
and i do not know what trust is
they plotting behind me, yeah
i call my brother he sliding, pull up on you creeping in silence
been knew lil’ shorty won’t riding, too fake she can’t even hide it
know n+ggas plotting behind me, too late broke n+gga you tried it
i want the money to pile it, i just want a foreign to drive it

- 4c wayve testo

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