4c wayve – alike testo

attendere prego...

aye t+leck, turn me up

[verse 1]
them n+ggas coming for mine (mine, mine, mine)
i call my brother i promise that n+gga gon’ slide, ya (slide, slide, slide)
i need it now can’t f+ck with waiting in line (line, line, line)
surfing the crowd, running the bank to the sky
lately been stunting in cville i gotta be real
coolan wit’ shorty she look like aaliyah
and we just be kicking it just like adidas
i buy her designer know how to treat her
i’m heating up like i got a fever
cartier frames i can’t even see ya’
hate on the gang but they wanna be us
cold+hearted i need me a moncler
just know i’m running it up
and you getting touched if you try to cross me
i just need my money up
i ball with the green just like i’m in boston
my brother ao he been had my back
i knew that n+gga was solid
broke was never an option
last year i ran it up straight to the bank
i need it more and more
my granny told me i was gon’ be great
she prayed to the lord, lord
yeah, wanna give my family everything we couldn’t afford
i told my mama she don’t got to worry no more, more
yah, i just be focused on guala
not money please don’t even holla’
yah, we eating like benihana
i been said i’m not with the drama
i just be focused on commas

[verse 2]
they never believed in me
now i’m who they wanna be
you wouldn’t believe how them n+ggas treated me
just took a flight to belize
now i’m on a beach you n+ggas won’t hearing me
no n+gga can put fear in me
i know them hating n+ggas fearing me
lame n+gga said he ballin’
put on a front you ride the pine
lame b+tches keep calling
i’m hanging up get off my line
and i keep stalling rolling the blunt
i need a light
pull up a foreign i ride yah
we are not nothing alike
you were never down bad with the bros
so you can’t count cash with the bros
my brotha’ he pull up shooting like a gym
he ain’t passing no more
they said wavey put me on with drip
you too fashionable
i move casual, bad b+tch just said i’m admirable
can’t wait til i go on a tour and i’m with the gang
feel like i’m jordan go through the paint
i hit the store i’m dripping dior
the haters like there go that f+ck n+gga wayve
i’m getting money the end of the day
why would i care what a f+ck n+gga say
why would i care what a broke n+gga think
i’mma just laugh all the way to the bank
thinking how could i ever trade my dogs
i was just thinking how could i ever take that loss
n+ggas claim they real but really ain’t got no heart
straight fraud
straight fraud

- 4c wayve testo

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