4arm – provider testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
go, suckin’ up the gasoline
fuel is pumpin’ veins
kickin’ off the supercharge
no one’s in the way
we’re pumped with adrenaline
and you’re caught in between
we’re all suckin’ down jimmy b
the poison’s in our veins
pucker up for lunacy
the spirit’s on its way
so let me pour you a glass
and show you the way

[bridge 1]
there comes a time, man, to cross that line
we go numb for it, never waste our time
we just thrash it hard till all sense is wasted
and i can’t help myself

[verse 2]
go, we’re just gonna stick it in
and drive it all the way
tear it up and thrash it out
you know it’s the only way
well, it comes to crunch time
so slide us right in
we’re poised, peel it off
and show it all you know
it’s custom made, our time has come to dominate
all we want is to get this show on the road
[bridge 2]
all these years, the blood sweat and tears
fate now steers these untold years

no, this is not an attitude
pierced with human rage
this is a message to not get in the way
coz when it comes to crunch time
we’re here to stay

- 4arm testo

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