4arm – paint warfare testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
animosity, it’s stirred in me
it’s hard to believe
i’ve been t++thing on stone and bleeding
i’m wrapped in mould, sore and cold
stained with discontent
this is war

[verse 2]
throw out your judgement antagonisms
easy, i can’t stand your arbitration
look me in the face when you’re runnin’
your mouth so i can spit
it goes on and on but it’s always wrong
you don’t know a f+ckin’ thing
take away your sentiment
you’re left with ordinary sh+t

paint warfare
liberate the hostility
paint warfare
now lose control
[verse 3]
we’ll play the game, you’ve had your way
but you’ve overstayed
stay right there so i can
retaliate, pick up the gamе
start where you left off
toy + undеrstand intention
coz i’m a man of vengeance
you will never understand me
takin’ me apart won’t prove a m+th+f+ckin’ thing
you’ve lost capacity, you’re in with me
and i’ll k!ll you just to f+ck you off
take another look inside yourself
before you sit and f+ckin’ judge me

born into a disease, antisocial regime
you only know what you see
but you’ll never know what’s in me
welcome to my disease, vindictive military
is all that you see
look hard to see

- 4arm testo

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