4arm – five knuckle chamber testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
i’m feelin’ like
i’m worth f+ckin’ nothing
once again, i’m left all alone
in this stinking pile of sh+t
you cannot help me
never really noticed
that you gave a f+ck anyway
it’s chaos and time to settle the hostile
only a matter of time
before you made the wrong decisions
you slipped up and f+cked
with my patience

staring down the barrel
of a fully loaded
five knuckle chamber

[verse 2]
i’m painless
can’t feel a f+ckin’ thing
c’mon m+th+f+cker
take your hate out on me
bleeding, have a taste of severity
the only thing that keeps you alive
is knowing my hands shake
from the moment you open your eyes
and take your first breath
i placed all my trust
in rage and
pain was my saviour
pain was my saviour
when the pain comes, you know what to do
just grab it + f+cking reap it
inside i rot
in deafness, i scream

- 4arm testo

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