4amcollective – take your time testo

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i know you’re probably actin’ up, ‘cause you know i’m probably keepin’ up
girl you know i know this, it’s been hard to focus
you say you’re in a better place, always wanna get away, all you do is meditate
and bottle words you never say
hopin’ i save you, but i cannot save you
cause i know you’re probably actin’, girl you know you bad as f-ck
you know i’m probably keepin’ up, baby i done seen enough
girl you know i know this, it’s been hard to focus
i know you don’t need no love, i know you done seen enough
shawty i don’t wanna f-ck, i just wanna see you up, you know that you still my baby
i know that i’m talkin’ crazy, i pray for you on the daily, i just hope that you forgave me
take your time, i don’t want to take sp-ce in your mind, stress you out at night, take your time

- 4amcollective testo

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