4amcollective – afterlife testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: blymar]
i’ll roll the dice, got no problem with it
break off all ties, be back in a minute (in a minute)
shawty lookin nice, wonder where she get it (where she get it)
running all the lights, but my windows tinted (tinted, tinted)

drivin’ till 4inthe morning
eyes wide open
whip is foreign (movin’ h+lla fast)

don’t even get me started
i’m just startin’
i’ll keep goin’

my baby told me go real slow
will i ever stop? lord knows
then she pours another glass of moet et chandon
gonna make it last, tryin’ to hide that

i’m on but in controlla
i’ll hold on to what brings me closer
mom’s in all tiff shawty in fendi
please no more pics, modus vivendi

tell me what you’ll feel when it goes down
when i shoot up h+lla fast, turbo
left lane, and the pedal to the

i know you down
but when it’s time to choose sides hope you around
i don’t like to waste time, not what i’m about
baby cuz i’m down

[verse 2: robin dupont]
they wanna link up when we not down
i don’t wanna talk now
in the 50 got the top down
you can hear that thing a block down

we just hit like 90 on curb (skrt, skrt)
why you h+lla worried? don’t be scurred (don’t be scurred, no)
why you gotta listen to the birds? (to be birds, yeah)
word around the city’s i’m the worst (i’m a curse, yeah)

well if they wanna talk i’ma let ‘em talk
never get involved, i’m a dog but i never bark
i wait for the fall of my enemy
mmmmm i’m the man that you pretend to be

i go to bed with a smile on my face
lil shawty by my side and
skeletons peaking out the closet, i don’t hide them
23 don’t where the f+ck the time went

i know that i should i should +nt wait
but i’m living good, so good i’m great

i know that i should i should +nt wait
but i’m living good, so good i’m great

- 4amcollective testo

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