4am – ​conflicted testo

attendere prego...

here’s the water
oh, oh

i feel so conflicted
try to tell the point, but everytime they f+ckin’ miss it
i don’t feel too well, i think i need some d+mn prescription
constant paranoia, everyday i’m f+ckin’ trippin’
and i don’t wanna bother you, i try to keep a distance
if i disappear would you really care?
i don’t see myself when i look in the mirror
disappointed in the man that i’ve become
can someone help me get the f+ck up outta here?
people getting on my nerves, but i don’t call out
’cause in the end i don’t want none of us to fall out
because we started from the bottom and we ball now
without the bros i swear i wouldn’t be here at all now
without the bros i would be rotting in my coffin
and death is on my mind i think about it often
this feeling, so constant
i hate it, i just wanna off it
each day i wake up and wish that i didn’t
i’m still tryna find me a reason to live
and i feel so annoying i feel like a burden
i know that you hate me, i know it for certain
i’m always here, but i feel so gone
everyday i ask where it all went wrong
if you don’t like this, you can skip this song
had to get some things off my chest, i’m done

- 4am testo

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