49k – twinpeakz testo

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they lost the war on god, okay? you f+cking lost the war on god. you f+cking suck c+ck. it’s over. you do not protest against the war on god. it’s f+cking over. you f+cking say, ”okay, we’re sorry, we suck c+ck, we f+cking started a war with god, that was our mistake, sorry, sorry, sorry”

it’s funny, being grown can get you keys to the bar
but if time heels all wounds, how you live with the scars?
i bet his voice is mad different when he’s living his bars
bet he turns into a sinner when he kicks it with stars
’cause i been swerving through the fog in a cheap [?]
pet semetary sh+t, all i’m saying is that
buried all these dogs that still coming back
if emotion wasn’t real, i’d go for blows all the time
they tried to reinvent the wheel, but got a spoke in their eye
i subvert from what is real, so i’m alone all the time
i never tried to cop a deal because i’m keeping what’s mine
quit calling me a pr+ck ’cause i just write what i know
they start to running from the cl!ck like they’re ellie and [?]
five hundred on my wrist and that’s karat that’s gold
i’m getting blunted off of cris’, but yo, i stick to the code
this sh+t is an invasion, all your rhymes get dealt
i don’t need no inspiration, i inspire myself
so if you’re f+cking with me, say it ’cause i ain’t needing your help
most friends ain’t good friends, so i just keep to myself
but [?] town used to impurity
you’re letting your guard down like low paid security
taking your squad down over racks and some jewelry
they say i’m not raw now, but in a month, they’ll be feeling me
turn around
every now and then i get a little bit lonely and the feeling ain’t right
no, no, no, you must suck c+ck! not with ireland, not with the war on terror. ‘kay, now they’re f+cking [?] this guy’s perfectly dressed and you f+cking lost the war on god, okay? you say, “mozart.” matter fact, queen might actually suck the pope’s c+ck for all i know. i don’t really give a f+ck. yeah, i’m [?], ‘kay?

- 49k testo

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