49k – stolen gods and marketed religion testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
extermine all the vermins in the bas+m+nt of my condo
skin alive my girlfriend, then i turn ’em into ponchos
craze what is dead, his [?] is a flagrance
my landlord’s head’s in the freezer of my bas+m+nt
try to find my lair, ha, you could never trace it
land of the dead on the burial of ancients

heard a dove cry in the house of the wolves
repay my debt, it better be in full
but i heard a dove cry in the house of the wolvеs
decapitate his head, sheeps with thе wool

[verse 2]
enjoy my morning coffee with a bagel and a pretzel
k!ll a man for sacrilege, we share the same vessel
you should know the law in the darkness when it’s risen
we need stolen gods and marketed religion
but you find enlightenment, you found the darkness
with your head in your ass, your flat, lethargic
i know a tale of prophets in sp+ce with bold henchmen
your holy grail of knowledge was your face in your r+ct+m

so rectify this
so rectify this

- 49k testo

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