49k – old grudges testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: 49k]
lost your grip, that could be written as your eulogy
drop a diss, but all this bullsh+t’s never new to me
i plead the fifth, you ain’t a problem comin’ through to me
i see a shift between the person that you choose to be
y’all are talkin’ sh+t, i see you through the pale blinds
garbage clique, god, you must be out your d+mn mind
artists spit, but watch them split before i get mine
i spike the whip and take a swatter to these sand flies
i’m writin’ sh+t that other authors can’t amass in time
my lightest sh+t is like the top of all your better rhymes
you plead the fifth, i’ll drive a honda through your forest drive
wreck your crib and spray your furniture with pesticides
lookin’ flashy for the ladies, he’s a singin’ man
he’s so lavish, he’s so racy, he’ll endorse your brand
but this is facts, you couldn’t pay me to endorse your brand
’cause he’s on the net like everyday lookin’ out for the klan
i saw him forkin’ dough, at least like 400 bucks
thought he was sellin’ out the show, but yet, yo, no one showed up
yo, you claim that nothin’s known, and yo, that’s somethin’ i trust
’cause if your scene had really grown, we would’ve all have shown love
i’m sayin’ how you a counter culture to a bunch of culture vultures?
and when you come around, it’s like the air just smells of sulphur
i just swear you sniffin’ pounds, either that or y’all are
think you might just go and drown in a pull of…
[interlude: 49k]
so, i’m just tryna make sense of any of this and truthfully i can’t. i’m a pretty laid back dude, but whatever it is that these people keep doing keeps turning me into something i’m not, so…

[verse 2: nick xl]
society is changin’, homie, now your grip, you’ve lost it
he’ll never cross me, he’s too busy singin’, burning crosses
the f+ckin’ creek with dawson is where you’ll find your carcass
if you ever try to tell me what i spin ain’t awesome
i’m 20, but really 65
a f+ckin’ lonesome vet listening to all these b+tches cry
how you a rapper offended by f+ckin’ onlyfans?
sh+t, i’ll get in the mix, i got some tits, i’ll learn to show my hand
(wait a minute, i’m comin’ back in)
you’re f+ckin’ cancelled officially, this is it, you’re done
no soundcloud rapper got famous by callin’ b+tches “dumb”
you’re like the bubblegum pop version of tom macdonald
think he’s arthur fleck, i contest that he’s really ron mcdonald
you’ll need a four leaf clover, yeah, just like lewis dover
both of you punk ass b+tches ain’t ever gettin’ over
and hawkeye don’t lose his grip, he lets it go, you poser
day you top one of my jawns is when your mom is gettin’ sober

[interlude: nick xl]
was that too mean? sorry, i’m a mean+spirited guy sometimes

[chorus 1: nick xl]
and that’s it (and that’s it)
i stay talkin’ a gang of that sh+t (that sh+t)
’cause i walk everyday and you just sit (just sit)
i was awfully tame and still that’s it (that’s it, that’s it)
[verse 3: oliver kasady]
honestly, i’m not tryna be rude to dude
but who gave a glorified reddit simp fruity loops?
pandering to e+girls on your socials like it’s a power move
actin’ woke, but make fun of your friends for comin’ out to you
can i be honest with you for a second right quick?
if you self+diagnose, you’re not autistic
he fakes the disability, he has no diss ability
he talks a big game, but is scared of lookin’ sissy, nah
this ain’t a facebook battle of the wits
don’t front, fam, you couldn’t f+ckin’ battle me as skidzz
you’re a casualty as is, i’m just jumpin’ off the bench
you’ll probably tell me i’m lying, but you’re getting f+cked without consent
back on my bullsh+t, i’m not here for holdin’ hands
i’m just posin’ for the moment, then go upload it to onlyfans
pity streams from your friends, that’s your only stance
’cause no one’s gonna buy a pair of socks with your logo, man (they’re just not)

[verse 4: 49k]
this sh+t is transparent, cher and her son chaz
i’m embarrassed, but at least i could come back
y’all can spare it, i don’t need all your dumb tracks
you toss the gear before they ask for the stuff back (ha)
they destroy to rebuild, then reverse all your wealth (ha)
if your comfort zone k!lls you, guess i’m k!llin’ myself
people gettin’ 3+3+3+1 though
extendos on the clip goin’ guns mode
[chorus 2: 49k]
gonzo journalist sh+t though
gonzo journalist sh+t though
gonzo journalist sh+t though
i think i’m eddie bauer, gonzo sh+t though

[outro: 49k]
maybe johnny depp
i might be johnny depp, dude
i feel like johnny depp
i’m a monster on these beats, i’m the best in the peg
i’ll take anyone of you, anyone of you

- 49k testo

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