49k – lawnmower man testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: tunnel rat]
rome wasn’t built in a day
but it burnt in one to the ash i succumb
rise from the debris, i’m the leader, follow me, follow me
i’m the disease, bringing deceit
my word is the truth, no need to believe
no need to believe, no need to believe
reading my scripture
twisted tongue, paint a picture
follow my lead
my disciple on my knees
no need to believe

lawnmower man, lawnmower man
lawnmower man, lawnmower man

[verse 2: 49k]
half man, half wolf, boy, i move like sekiro
now these b+tches double down like i’m goin’ triple zero
prescription aviators, look like i’m a cult leader
this leather’s alligator rollin’ in that twin seater
my whip’s a beater, but i drive it like a beamer
if a person says they’re nice, then they’re probably not
smokin’ gas in a hyundai with a trash box
all they ever do is cap, it ain’t no laptop
got them keys on the double beamer stash box

[outro: 49k]
i am the lawnmower man and you will obey me

- 49k testo

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