49k – halfway to portage (interlude) testo

attendere prego...

sheppard with no sheep skin, robe is lookin’ shredded
burn the [?], reach the deep end of the facts [?] turn forensic
i just copped another beeper, turned my pager to a legend
but she’s lovin’ on a rager with no uzi in a session (face)
we were halfway to portage and a port away to h+ll
need some tickets for this bus like the blinded need their braille
the messiah carries guns and his rifle set and sail
got a fire in his lungs for the righteous up in jail
never heard of such a worse decision, squirmin’ in a turkish prison
flirtin’ with a burnin’ victim, curtains in the he+rs+ i’ve risen
in a hot tub with manitoba’s premiere
not much worse than anything you see here
(you can shop at wayfare)

- 49k testo

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