49k – covertcop testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: 49k]
dry snitchin’ ain’t as sovereign as the sh+t you rhyme
goth b+tches ’bout to run off with your piece of mind
tryna switch up on their image, so they testify
try to cover up the linage with pathetic lies
they might peg you on the table while their homies watch
and if you’re really diggin’ +n+l, they won’t know to stop
yo, her middle name is angel, she’s a covert cop
works a dead end job posin’ at a clothing shop
one night stand with death before you flirt with it
backup plan is dead before your purpose is
uncle sam will pimp you ’cause he’s murderous
funko pops for bread like are you serious?

[chorus: 49k]
say good, say goodbye (what up though?)
say good, say goodbye (holler at your boy)
say good, say goodbye (kovin)
say good, say goodbye, yeah

[verse 2: graffik]
better step back, i’m james harden with the rocket
leave him inside out if sh+t gettin’ out of pocket
we the ones who gon’ create the forces
you didn’t put enough work in, i’m ’bout to play you for it
they long for the better days, but they historic
why they acting like they straight but they stay informing?
i don’t f+ck with that cowardly, say the word, we surround the scene
all my boys, we gon’ crowd the street if you saying sh+t ’bout some beef
okay, let’s reflect
cops come, i can’t recollect, best protect your neck
it’s probably best to shed light on the underground
everybody out here is a f+cking clown

[outro: graffik]
say good, say goodbye
say good, say goodbye
say good, say goodbye
say good, say goodbye
say goodbye
say good, say goodbye
say goodbye

- 49k testo

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