49k – aquarius bathhouse testo

attendere prego...

booking into pandora’s box on a wednesday
with barefoot women looking straight out of hentai
said a prayer for my brothers with [?] i’ma press play
a bath with my lovers, we were sipping on ginseng
the finest champagne you can find in the house
i just popped the d+mn thing, she put her hands in my mouth
i said, “i feel like i’m estranged from what the scene is about”
she said, “this really ain’t a dream, just believe [?]”
back alley beijing, it wasn’t west, it was south
they always fetishize the green until they iron it out
there was statues of the gods all surround in jacuzzis
i said, “what you wanna play?” she said, “i’m f+cking with uzi”
i said i felt the same, but never mentioned the truth [?]
we just shadow box for rain, it was the water that moved me
the silent [?] was gone
a [?] photographer named carlo reon
rocking off+white with a mix of vuitton
he had broads all night, but his fishing was gone
how the f+ck he taking pictures when it’s corny as [?]
you don’t get the bigger picture, he just stole from his wife
taking pics of naked figures while he played with his knife
he was made to be a sinner, it’s all he knew all his life
so i never passed the judgement when i saw him that night
he was hanging in the closet with a rope around his neck
said, “this wasn’t worth the profit, you can’t blow from what i did
i apologize firstly for telling you this
but if i’d fall any further, you will know what i did”
aquarius bathhouse with roman gods
but it looks like a crackhouse with rome facade

- 49k testo

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