49bags – iiiiii testo

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i dont want u i feel dead inside
you dont love how i didn’t do u right
im the one but cannot be ur guy
i need sleep so i can see the night

she don’t wanna talk cuz i’ve been f+cking up all of the time
10 racks to spend tonight
i never ever see her on the line

dolce gabana bring me to to top
f+ckin wit me ima put u in shock
u don’t even seem to put ur mind into sh+t at all

if i were to die today would i be on ur mind
if u were to go i guess i wouldn’t mind
catch me in the bathroom do another line
now u see me f+cked up how u gonna ask if i am fine

no one speaks the truth for me
they don’t know what it’s like for me
you taking out my energy and ask if ur still friends with me

- 49bags testo

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