:48 after – aftermath testo

attendere prego...

so, let me get this straight +
you’ve got a laundry list of things you’d like to change?
well, that’s just fine. now step into the tent and form a line
i’m glad to see so many faces come out and stand up to the plate
welcome to the song of your escape
you’re all so young + but you don’t need to bear these chains, these labor pains
well, i’m here to provide. so empty your mind
whatever you desire, i’ll make it yours in little time

morality’s a crime!
morality’s a crime!

i know it’s give and take
but ain’t it so pleasing to have and eat your cake?
in a little while, you’ll come to
see that i’m right. don’t bother to fight it
you like the flashing lights?
the monument to s+x and knowledge that invites
your tubes to tie. no need to
venture outside. your screen can decide
will act your guide, your means to confide

what a fine, idyllic life!
what a fine, idyllic life!

the soul that you sold has turned your streets into gold
but the problem with gold is that it’s callous and so…

days will pass away and turn into decay, but this is what you bargained for
ring around the pc, take it while it’s easy, ashes ashes we all fall down
family today is getting so cliché, you’ll walk your streets of gold alone
ring around the party, postmodern anarchy, ashes ashes we all fall down

hope is a child; we’ll see what he’s worth
the last human on the face the earth!

a test tube birth. a lonely child. hungry, helpless, meek and mild
it’s just as i planned
your daughter is mine
your son is my slave
your self+seeking lives end mankind

if we keep our eyes shut, then our story’s been told
if we think without heart, it’s the end of the world!

- 48 after testo

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