:48 after – :48 after testo

attendere prego...

here’s something that has been on my mind:
i’ve been thinking that good company is hard to find

oh, like i don’t know you!
come on, i only watched as you grew…until you turned blue
now let’s review

first you forgot how to play
and then you went and drowned imagination with your stressful day
what’s that you say?

your mirror mocks you when you wake?
your blood is trickling slower?
you’re scared to make one more mistake?
life’s so much harder sober?

can you, really, not find another way
to still the quake; the shaking of your legs?
to smile, to laugh, live loudly through the gray?
i’ll give you one last chance to talk, okay?

yet still, your speech is full of dim dismay
the world, our youth, it’s all death and decay
my wife, my god, they’ve all led me astray
cry me a river
so i can escape

drop it down

your cyn+
+ics mouth
is more than i can take
you say
i think
in storybook clichés
but i
have grown
grown up with my own pain
and yes, things change + i’ve changed, but that’s okay

yeah, time has changed
hey, that’s okay
yeah. yeah, and i’ve changed
but, hey, that’s okay

and i’m in love whether
it’s up, it’s down, it’s in, it’s out

- 48 after testo

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