47shawnn – stuck! testo

attendere prego...

uh, yeah, yeah
f+ck this sh+t i’m trynna change my life
just like the reaper i keep me a scythe
i’m falling in love
and i want me a wife
thick ass girl
can’t back it up
that’s just a waste of talent
make kids see ghosts
like the sixth sense
cause living my life is a challenge
i shoot like i’m messi
i cannot talk to a local
because these hoes are messy
and n+ggas riding around with no money
but they flexing
yeah, yeah, yeah, aye, aye, yeah
b+tch, fortyyyy

[verse 1:]
okay, i’ve been here before
and i put myself on the map
and yes i’m bout the sh+t i rap
so why the f+ck would i cap?
i don’t, give a single f+ck
about the sh+t that you say
i’m just gon’ kick my feet up in the sky
and sip my d’ussé
and chase a bag
n+ggas sad, n+ggas broke
n+ggas never tried to trap
but smoke they gas
until they broke
i just, wanna kick the bucket
n+ggas wanna die
because i think i’ve seen enough
and everything was just a lie
i just, wanna put a bullet through my mothaf+ckin eye
god said
“you got a life to live, so imma make sure that you fly”
i told him
“i just wanna make it out the mothaf+ckin met”
this sh+t is all too easy
n+ggas hating
everyone’s a threat
this sh+t is all too easy
n+ggas sleazy
b+tches just be sneaking
living check to check
i couldn’t wait out till the f+cking first
i had to hit my first l!ck
i almost ended in a he+rs+
but, imma smoke my leaf
and imma finish up my verse
i don’t, wanna keep you waiting
i know time is just a curse
so imma keep ascending
till the top
or till i hit my worst
use the force
i feel like obi+wan
i feel like i’m the chosen one
how these n+ggas wanna fight
but they don’t never one on one
n+ggas lame
n+ggas p+ssy
i done said, what i said
rest in peace my n+ggas
i ain’t finished
until blood is shed
i just, wanna make a profit
make a name out for myself
i think i’m falling out the game
or is the game a game itself?
i never knew the f+cking meaning to my f+cking life
so imma find out all the answers
imma end it with a knife
i’m the highest in the room
and i ain’t talking travis scott
i ain’t, where i wanna be
man i ain’t even got a yacht
i ain’t tryna catch a body
but i’ve been dreaming of a story
where a n+gga reppin’ forty seven
was fighting for his glory
before i got up out her house i told my momma not to worry
imma get us out the states
it’s all i plan i got in motion
b+tch i travel overseas
more than a n+gga in the navy
imma keep on throwing plays
just like a n+gga name was brady
it’s a hard life
you better chill
or keep a f+cking stainless steel
cause n+ggas like to steal, and they ain’t passing up a f+cking deal

- 47shawnn testo

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