47shawnn – one chance testo

attendere prego...

d+mn chance, you made this?

[verse 1:]
you know i couldn’t help myself to get a beat from chance
i walk around pockets full
that’s why i sag my pants
i put my d+ck
in her face
just to shut her up
n+ggas love to talk sh+t
and i don’t give a f+ck
i got a blade on me feeling like i’m sasuke
i’ll cross a n+gga up
like i’m playing 2k
never gave a f+ck about these n+ggas
cause they too g+y
freestyle sh+t
off top like a toupee
honestly i never gave a f+ck about these n+ggas
it was me against the world
i ain’t never trust a n+gga
never trust a soul
cause n+ggas like to fold on a n+gga
in the game too deep
i’m a bold young n+gga
rich young n+gga
and i’m feeling like i’m stunna
i’ll smackdown a n+gga
like a stone cold stunner
it was now or never
got me feelin’ like i’m muzzo
going back in my zone
so you know a n+gga cutthroat, gone
live life
cause you know you only get one chance
get one chance, get one chance
hard work pays off
when you make a plan, make a plan
tell em’ make a plan
if practice makes
i practiced my whole life
nah i ain’t perfect
cause i’m human
mi cabesa was on tight
man it’s fortyseven shawnn
i’m living life all a rage
she headed straight into my b+lls
like a punch out from johnny cage
n+ggas know i k!ll the scene
when i’m stepping onto the stage
n+ggas know they f+cked up
when i’m loading my 12 gauge
you see i’m never talking sh+t
but got plenty of to say
i will never trust a soul
it’s the games that these n+ggas play

[verse 2:]
hold my fist up in the air
because it’s blm
you and i are not the same
that’s why you’re being him
how you say you want love?
but then you really want my currency
i’ll never trust a soul
cause my demons trynna murder me
i could really k!ll myself
cause i don’t think you’d be missing me
i need you by my side
like babygirl you are my missing piece
everytime i’m with you
i be feeling like you’re bringing peace
me and you together
opposition was the enemy

- 47shawnn testo

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