47shawnn – never scared testo

attendere prego...

capped up kung lao
hit em with the combo
belts on me

like the sh-t say wumbo
like gumbo
-ss on her fat
no her -ss say jumbo

ah sh-t my bad,
i ain’t mean to come in this early
no cap

capped up kung lao
hit em with the combo
belts on me
like the sh-t say wumbo
like gumbo
-ss on her fat
no her -ss say jumbo

when life handing lemons
i make lemonade
when life hands me lemons
i liminate sh-t
cause i got some money
i f-ck on your body

i got some money no illuminati
i f-ck me a cougar
cause that b-tch is naughty
i pull up shoot 3
in your face like i’m scottie
the devil’s spirit
couldn’t take on my body

patek on my wrist
when i flex on you b-tch
you can’t split a banana
if banana split
cause your crew think they tough
yeah i can admit
they weaker than bleachers
when fat lady sit
cause my flow like a virus
im leaving you sick
hoes are like cyrus
they get off at 12
n-ggas are losers
im calling y’all l’s
the brotherhood
cracking like liberty bell

you n-ggas are slower than gary the snail

you snitch on your gang
cause you trynna make bail
that -ss on her fat
grind on me like a rail
i give her my package
like i’m in the mail

put you to my head
like i’m hearing seash-lls

im wearing
can’t buy in retail

b-tch drop your location
like i’m drizzyrell

put me in asylum
my life is in h-ll

wristwork is freezing
its calling for hail
i cannot f-ck with you b-tch
cause these n-ggas
faker than plastic, uh

she suck on my pickle like vlastic, uh
medals like mr. fantastic, uh
just wanna f-ck with a bad b-tch, uh
reading you
like you scholastic, uh
he flipping on gang
gymnastic, uh

i can really kinda see that i’m next up
someone had to put us on
so i stepped up
(aye, aye, aye, check)

b-tches on b-tches
keep my b-tches wet
like the sink in my kitchen
my n-ggas is shooters
aint none of them missing
these b-tches suck d-ck
so i don’t do no kissing
i slice you with blades
you get holed like a piercing
turn into fortnite
ways i get to building
my type of living
im trynna see millions
i f-ck with her p-ssy
its bald its on krillin
she just wanna come and suck on my skin
got this ice on my wrist
i feel like i’m ben 10
i think that i did it
i did it again
i dropped kick a b-tch
i felt like jackie chan

i like smoking gas
till my eyes
looking asian
chopped up the beat
like i’m working with jason
this bag is a go yard
this what i be chasing
this b-tch think i’m jackal
when i get to tracing

i replayed the replays
i’m trynna get laid
i whip out my d-ck
and i give her the glaze

she eating my pizza
she working at blaze
electrify pikachu
you can get tazed
my mind is h-ll
just like it is a maze
she blow on my d-ck like a vape, aye
and she suck on my d-ck lemonade, aye
i don’t
do no faking aye, b-tch
i don’t
do no faking aye, b-tch
and i’m never scared
and i’m never scared
forty seven like to k!ll em dead

- 47shawnn testo

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