47shawnn – freaky testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1:]
(woah kenny!)
i might cut ya hoe
i ain’t talkin’ bout ashton
turn ya head into a tray
blunts i be ashing
do you wanna f+ck
i’m just asking
forty seven shawnn
yeah, i’m above average
gl!ck talk
keep on talking sh+t
i let my gun talk
sh+t talk
cause n+gga i’m the sh+t
just hit ya b+tch off
glock nine
i walked into the party at right time
cause b+tches throwing ass
and i even had to catch mine
i’m too conceited
michael jackson her
because i beat it, uh
i’m in control
pressing alt
and then you get deleted
better come out correct
when enter spirit of the demon
cause your bars are old
cause you be hanging out
with morgan freeman
freaky freaky
yeah this sh+t was made by kenny beats
and my ex a hoe
i bet she let my n+gga
kenny beat
and when i eat
i’m making sure my n+gga kenny eat
and i said “f+ck a deal”
i’m never charging
kenny for a feat
independent making money
still booking shows, uh
yuh, i ascended
third eye
getting wide as screens, uh
yuh, love is hard
i’m stomping on ya head
i’m wearing cleats, yeah
her p+ssy trash
oscar grouch
still getting green
call me
hank hill
smoking gas
not propane
i put that sh+t on forty seven
that’s my chain
you just a kappa
shoot you in your knee
you need a cane
and i sip dasani
cause this water round me
go insane
she feeding off my clout
she like a leech
i’m getting sucked up
she want me for my goyard
b+tches acting so dumb
i make the ladies holla
yeah they calling me the hitman
i’m rich and still be acting broke
i cannot “pay attention”

ayyy, ayyy, ayyyy, yuh
(n+ggas think i’m done and sh+t?)
aye they say crunk ain’t dead
forty seven shawnn ain’t dead, yet
and i’m going back at it for another verse
i’m having too much fun with this sh+t

[verse 2:]
i’m back
at it
yeah i’m feeling hotter than a sk!llet
i drop the bass
the dub will step
just like my name is skrillex
i’m forty seven
pistol toting n+gga since eleven
things things i’ve
were stranger like when
millie played eleven
trynna get a milly
like meek
i’m trynna fall in love
but it is harder than a cleat
i’m trynna get some money
big enough for my team
but that sh+t will never happen
so i still gotta dream, aye!
fortyyyyy motherf+cking seven

- 47shawnn testo

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