479dano – heartbreakers’ revenge testo

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[verse 1: 479dano]
shawty i’m trippin’ you don’t text me back
gave you some love and i took it right back
keep me around cuz she know that i rap
workin’ so hard and i’m countin’ the stacks
they call me “heartbreaker” i do it of anger
she told me to leave, i feel like i hate her
told me to change, she ran off the paper
yea i’m a rapper i deal with the haters
[verse 1: don2icyy]
trippin’ on love it feels so d+mn bad
i guess until now it’s something we had
leave me on read your always so mad
you found a new guy i hope you’re all glad
you never loved me i’m wondering why
all of your lies you know i won’t buy
i will not come back, i hope that you cry
wanting to stay. do not even try
thinking you’re loyal i feel like you’re high!
[verse 2: 479dano]
now i’m a player and a heartbreaker
don’t you be playin’ my heart is not stable
she don’t know love, someone please save her
talk to my ex b+tch you’re a traitor
you said that you loved me i’m guessin’ you lied
stayin’ so busy the feelings i hide
feeling so stupid i thought you would ride
hard to admit that you are not mine
[verse 2: don2icyy]
love is not real, i feel like it’s fake
i’ve been broken for long it’s a mistake
my love is all gone, you wanted to take
you never text me it’s always too late!

- 479dano testo

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