479dano – broken promises ii testo

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[verse 1: 479dano]
sometimes i hate you but it’s all in my head
i think i’m not ready the road thats ahead
don’t like to go out i stay in my bed
rapping my lyrics don’t care to impress
thinkin’ bout you, it gives me some stress
i use to be good but now it’s mess
yuh now its a mess
[verse 2: 479dano]
i wish that you loved me the way you love him
i think that i’m jealous it must be a sin
it’s kinda depressing the way that i’ve been
seeing y’all happy. it tingles my skin
seeing that dude i feel kinda violent
i know i can beat him i won’t even try it
(i won’t even try it yeahh)
[verse 3: 479dano]
i don’t even care i’m living my life
the way that i see it. it’s paradise
don’t care if i die
my life is a lie
changing my habits, i’m saying goodbye
i be talking so much you know i’m not shy
don’t care that you leave, i won’t even cry
you switched up on me, you act like a spy
i’m feeling the pain, don’t like to get high
sometimes i miss you, i stare at the sky
it feels like i’m empty, i’m wondering why?

- 479dano testo

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