479 krew – shots testo

attendere prego...

[intro: ?]
everybody up in this gonna get jumped
shots after shots, let’s get this place crunk

[verse 1: ?]
always high till i die
and i ain’t gonna stop anytime soon
grab the 5 and pipe [?] noon
[?] so it goes a couple rounds
don’t be [?] stupid clowns
[?] drug dealing [?]
f#ckin with my sis and mom, i’ll have to murder ya
weed smoke, it’s a celebration
we live like a long hilusination
i’m not the kind of guy to pass a bit of fun up
[?] cause i’m not good enough
chop them pills up, and get them in line
[?] good time
we them hype boys, that’s always going ham
jelly and the krew, got ‘m saying goddamb
always be prepared, when you come to party
got the shots lined up [?]
[?] right track
[?] till we on the f#ckin map

[verse 2: jelly roll]
i took a couple shots, and asked where the paper’s at
i’m half lit, watching the b#lls play the raiserback
i’m getting stacks, so where the haters at?
that motherf#cker fully loaded, don’t play with that
i took a little purp and mixed it with a perkasit
then took a snort of coke, hey, are you nervous yet?
i must have to forgot to mention i’m driving
plus i got a gallin of crown inside me
and i keep getting sidetracked by the tv on the viser
and i just dropped my blunt on the floor and i can’t find it
all the while driving, i had a premonition
that we was gonna die from a head on colision
too f#cked up to drive man, i sware no joking
next thing i know, the whole f#cking car starts smoking
hold on and pull over, keep my [?]
[?] and my girl kinda look the same
so don’t know who to save, man this sh#t is crazy
still tryna find my blunt so i can blaze it
oh man, i think i need to puke, right
started barfing, all i see next was blue lights

- 479 krew testo

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