4735 – kahoot testo

attendere prego...

h#llo, malik, i would just like to preface this by stating that you are a big fat g#y lmao

top ten n#ggas n#ggers n#gga n#gga n#gga and n#gga crossovers

yo malik, i have a lot to critique
you look like an antique with no physique
you’re a pipsqueak with thicc cheeks (pause)
also, you are super weak
now let’s play hide and seek
my d#ck is at its peak and you can’t even speak
you filthy sneak, nothing but a geek

mcmillian the cousin boogeyman
look like a toucan
eat from a pan
your soundcloud has only one fan
cause unlike you he’s a man!

malik my b#lls
i explored your mother’s halls
you cum all on your walls
call your assh0l# niagara falls

malik massacre
robbed at gunpoint addicted to the fun joint
yo your channel is dead you want to receive head
you gonna be mass incarcerated

malik likes men
treat him like a hen
now let me roast you again
deepthroat that pen

♩joshua: ♩
okay, charles, i see you
now, malik, i wouldn’t wanna be you
you sit at the back of the bus
you a person i wouldn’t trust
marina walks by you finna bust
i would say you’re going to heaven
but your age range is probably seven
now pass this off to my man devon

devon jones coming with the fire
malik’s situation looking dire
my iq longer than spires
pluck malik off like i got some pliers
now malik ain’t got no hoes
his baby mama got no clothes
family working at lowes
shoes lookin like what#are#those
talkin down malik’s squad like we thrasher
straight thru your bars like we in a quad crasher
murder yall an’ cover it up like we all slasher

♩nasir ♩
malik why you looking real g#y
f#cking all of your cousins every single tuesday
“what is anime? highschool dxd
your sk!ll in ultimate is worse than melee kirby

you underdog beat your d#ck to your cousins
meet the gamers part 2, is it still coming?
when kasim met marina
“is she still cummin”
when malik met marina
“is he still running”(his mouth)

travis scott ooga booga looking like a n#gga
when you look at your cousin
your d#ck can’t get any bigger
can’t even beat me in a yugioh duel
the thought of marina’s p#ss gives you fuel
too bad all you do is drool

honestly, my verse is getting really long
like malik’s d#ck when he sees his cousin in a thong
jk malik has a small d#ck lmao
#insert cousin joke here#

devon (verse 2)
yo samon(sammed) i don’t care about your phone
pay your bills and leave me alone
leave me out this drama b#tch
before i decode your bars like java

yo wallsend

n#gga always playing sports
passing yo girl around like i’m playing soccer
wallsend ain’t even get to bop#her
lemme get to malik’s locker
marina tryna get me to 3#stock her

malik talks mad sh#t
he plays a game and gets his ass hit
he is the most h0m# person i’ve ever seen
i’d be amazed if he hasn’t eaten his own peen

♩nasir (verse 2) ♩

here’s the meme verse with all of the funnies
malik thinks his cousin is a black bunny
too bad he won’t bone unlike sans
he looks at his cousin and sees the nut in his hand
sao is actually trash
malik can’t even be one to bash
this n#gga has trash taste like fairy tail
but he’s blinded by chasing so much tail
how could you be good at basketball
if the only thing you do is suck fortnites’ b#lls
eminem’s here to take you home
daddy said you’ve been out too long
logic makes you breakfast every morning
too bad he’s not black and probably foreign
this sh#t is longer than my d#ck
to be honest this is making me sick
i just want to get this bullsh#t done with
that’s all i gotta say
f#ck malik but not literally cuz that’s g#y lolmaofl


ok, i see y’all, ok let get it. ayo
let’s talk about “shadow” the rejected ultimate lifeform
this n#gga finna get torn
like a piece paper
because your mere presence gives me a high amount of cancer vapor
this track is the brutal beatdown
it hurts so much that your cousin’s cum will fall right out of your assh0l# and you’ll be astoun
f#cking inbred, you’re not even winning
i can’t believe we have to destroy the n#gga version of ben simmons
“hey guys i’ll make it as a rapper”
n#gga the only thing you’ll make is minimum wage flipping burgers
if you look up the phrase “piece of sh#t” you’ll find your own pics
n#gga built like chick hicks
i guess that’s why marina will never gon let you hit
you portray yourself as a “top tier” figure
but you shake harder than a sk#nk b#tch when a n#gga got his hands on the trigger
so pipe down kid because this sh#t is not going your way
hate to break it to you but you just got played

charles verse 2:
malik is so trash at games
king shadow more like never gonna get famous sss lmao
(pig noise)
(g#y people)
what is anime
why would you make that video
i bet you hate the chazanims
what about the audio
(screeching for 2 minutes)
you’re so stupid can’t even edit your own content
forza horizon looked trash and now it is time for your end
no need to condescend
cause you can’t brag about anything b#tch
claim to be a musician but you don’t even know what pitch is
malik takes my huge f#cking 38#inch b#n#r and f#cking dies
malik orgagasm like a creampie
(malik moan)
(more yelling)
malik touches his cousins like epstein
body made like frankenstein
(monster i’m not an idiot)

sp#ce sp#ce sp#ce i need a little sp#ce
bro remember in english class a few days ago when i stole your water
i did that because you’re g#y and about to see a slaughter
all you do is lose in literally everything
i beat you so hard in kahoot that you said i was cheating

once upon a time, there was a little brown called malik
malik did not know how to do anything and some people thought he couldn’t speak
but malik had a little secret he really liked to malik men

et me hi on the strip


i heard you talking about sp#ce
but no one wanna see your face
no taste
catch a case
couldn’t even tie your lace

i’m spitting fire that’s hot
i’m shooting bars, your not
when you rhyme you sound like a bot
when it comes to anything, you suck a lot

i got no time for this man
my boi charles part of the klan

you still wanna get that one fan
when i walked to you, you ran
live in a can

i’m about to get the kkk
when i’m shooting g#y bars you better stay stay stay
yeah i’m racist
what you gonna do?
you can taste my l#eft shoe
you can gimmie a bl#wj#b and make you take a poo
i’m g#y yea pride flag


you’re cleaning my cum, call you a napkin
you look like you’re starving and afrikan
you’re trying to get the oop with marina
i’m making her wet like hurricane katrina
you’re never coming out like whats anime 2
gonna gas you up like the jews
malik be like stinky poo#poo

alright imma continue the story
malik was so g#y that he wanted to jump out the story
hey malik you ever wash that hoodie
look at his nose gotta boogie
malik gonna go to jail how could he not
that’s why his mom is a thot
and she the sun she really hot
we related, but she suck my c#ck
i am now your father
please don’t be a bother cause i’m hotter
but anyway i was just sitting there beating malik like a d#ck

yo malik imma jizz on your face
i took your mom to third base
imma punch you in the gut
put you down like a rabid mutt
your mom looks like darth vader
all of your subscribers are just haters
imma kidnap you and take you to the slave traders

you just released ghost alright cool
clearly, you pay no attention in school
i can’t even hear you
sound like you just blew a jew
you’re gonna make a poster?
claim to be on that grind but i only see you on another man
see your little boy cousin and your d#ck goes up like a roller coaster

malik likes to p##p in the forest
you are literally the poorest
stoobid {n word}
put your d#ck in a laptop and smash that sh#t
you’re so feminine i bet you like to knit
imma bust one on you so hard
call that a card
t##th look like a greasy assh0l#
but you’re too busy giving the blowhole
stupid mammal you don’t fit in with the rest of your fish kind

charles verse 4
malik uses autotune because he doesn’t know musical notes
doesn’t pay attention in school uses others as his scapegoat
promotes being dumb can’t tell me any asymptotes, anecdotes, or quotes

hey malik your name means king in arabic
so how about you ara dis d#ck
alright imma continue my story malik just got home from africa
when he was penetrated by some gang bangers
he was touched on the nose and p#n#s head
malik was so horrified that he became deaf dumb and blind
he had ptsd so bad he jizzed everywhere and had a stroke
he went to the hospital and jizzed on the doctor
he jizzed so much his p#n#s f#cking died
malik who was now a female decided to become g#y and sucked off his doctor
he died ten moths later of aidsss given to him by samuel sterling


yo malik i’m just here to say
can you please leave someday
i know you like to eat hay
but come on man you’re no fae

bro, you look like squidward
and you behave like a t#rd
and just like that squid, your music k!lls children
i bet they use it to smoke out pedophiles
that’s all i had to say
except you’re g#y

charles verse 5
yo sammed i heard that you failed spanish
that had me crying like i got banished
got a 0 because you used translators so now i’m gonna d#ck on you
no need to flex because i have a bigger d#ck too
lmao sammed is so small he literwally can’t ride a roller coostoo by himself

slugma has a variety of uses. for instance, if you wanted to k!ll a rat but are physically unable you just have to inject it with slugma and then it can be k!lled easily
slugma is very humane. the process is almost not very painful, but they are slugs and they are pretty insignificant.if one of our dear customers has a problem with the mass genocide of slugs then we can direct you to a different product. call us at 555#420,6969
slugma has a 41% chance of success where the slug transforms into a rat successfully and relatively painlessly. the other 59% of the time, the slug will die a violent and painful death
drum solo(5 minutes)

hey malik i got a lot to critique
your future’s looking bleak
f#ck you with my unique technique
what comes out of volcanos
magma b#lls cause your rap blows

malik mcmillian, better known as malik mcstealin
devon jones in the battle and ima slay cierra ass like its f#ckin cattle
gettin ya girl wetter than a rainy day in seattle

ya girl give head so good i ma

yo maleek
you think your an artist
your right cause you can’t spit bars you draw em
im ballin and your stallin
your nappin and im tappin, slapping while your still g#y
its okay
but beware your girls p#ssy will get slayed

- 4735 testo

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