47 roman – think you are (feat. modo) testo

attendere prego...

(ooh marow)

you know you way prettier than you think you are
you know you way stronger than you think you are
you know you way smarter than you think you are
you think you are, you think you are

[verse 1: modo}
i didn’t need to say it
honey bee your my favorite
all my days you make ’em
with and without makeup
i love your complexion
your blimishes got me blushing
your gouda got me cheesing
when it’s just you and me
king of sacramento
strongest person i know
that’s word to the bible
they took yo’ brother
he took yo’ brother
and you still stand
even with all of the pain
you still seem to have a plan
for the city
i can’t wait to be back in the city
3 b’s for the cut
them i’m cut
like “sling!”
know you have some intricate dreams
believe in the process
you may not see the progress
it’s happening
what’s happening
get up out your head
then raise yo’ body from that bed
bugs in yo’ ear
tell you yo’ fear
tell you yo faults
it’s not yo fault thought
you gotta prove them right
you gotta reach you dreams
even if you don’t got the height
you know you way prettier than you think you are
you know you way stronger than you think you are
you know you way smarter than you think you are
you think you are, you think you are

[verse 2: 47 roman]
so what’s a trust fund?
when you have a hundred friends
but you can’t trust one
count all the snakes in your circle
that’s a lump sum
want smoke then you’re welcome
get up from what you fell from
i’m seldom solice, white shoes
you can keep the polish
no handshakes from the d+mn fakes
never will i be a novice
music’s chosen prophet
man i hold the knowledge
wield the gauntlet
i’m often knockin boots
with faith and truth
chasing, casing, lacing proof
you’re exactly what you’re made into
set dreams, chase goals
show those people
motherf+ck ya projections
it’s raining all in my section
you know that i’m the answer
you can quit with all the guessing
i’m doubtful of myself sometimes
i usually hate those times
but i make my mind
tell my life
when i pen these lines
to talk sl!ck it’s backsp+ce then rewind
dedicate ya spine
take my time
step through
been a minute since i met you
remember we built up
nose dived and then we fell through
not shade but it’s sh+ll proof
usually i spend my nights alone
you hate it when you’re not
excusing me for tryna right my wrongs
can’t i write my wrongs
man you’re awfully wrong
you want forgiveness
for lacking vision
when you spoke truth i listen
held your cries
sat in your church pew
and paid yo tithes
whatever to be true
to you
i look through my call log
and all i see is you

- 47 roman testo

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