47 roman – fire ass outro testo

attendere prego...

[beat tag]
cormill these beats sound crazy

[verse 1]
uh, in case you ain’t notice
i’ve been growing like a lotus
living heaven in the open
the only reason i’m glowing
’cause i was going through h+ll
behind a door that was closing
47 roman was chosen from the broken
to help pull the folks going through they own h+ll
i left jersey to make growth just like i’m odell
hatorade don’t work when i’m showering in propel
i sit and i think
and i rest in my peace
a rose in the garden
i was destined to leave
i was made and then i just breathe
there’s a system that say that i am destined to bleed
by the horrors in blue
now it’s blood on the street
and it’s cold in my shoes
made all these jokes about god
just to learn he wasn’t amused
i dream of sittin’ in a ‘lac and i cruise
just to be taken a bat
all of a sudden i’m bruised
life really been shaqtin’ a fool
every breakup feel like i was destined to lose
but i’m up now
and i don’t give a f+ck now
getting paid on my luck now
if my friends wanna switch they can duck now
i ain’t letting a soul, a dog, a tree, a flea, or anything that breathe
disturb me, my smile, my energy, and good memories
now i should play that line back so you can really feel me
all you b+tches acting fake you just really k!ll me, forreal
[verse 2]
momma told me to speak with my degree
if i ain’t have one
that don’t change that i’m deep
as what’s unknown in the sea
what’s beef for a n+gga that’s living free
going after higher temps
and chasing higher degrees
i’ma look back at these moments
all these photos where i’m growing
and loving without all knowing
who i am or how to love myself
how ima trust you baby
can’t even trust myself
to care about my goals
and d+mn my mental health
i should be up in the gym
working on my physical
i’ll keep on being lyrical
telling stories of being mentally drained
going through physical pain
and nearly blowing my brains
nothing was ever the same so just take care
at the doorstep
please leave your fake here
and you can thank me later
i’m a great f+cking debater
and i’m changing all my views
just to get away from u
and all the sh+t you used to do
if you’re reading this it’s too late
because that really means that i’m too great
and i wrote this all in two days
i wanna give back to my community
and show that there is unity
that really just means you and me
going through the frictions
love to all the real ones missing
that was taken by the system
i’m talking to all the souls that’ll listen
spreading love just really is my mission
you really are a star so just glisten
if you need someone to talk to
man i’ll just listen formal
{beat tag 2]

- 47 roman testo

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