47 gino – baby wipes testo

attendere prego...

(47 gino)
gang gang 47
yea we in this lab , dookie
ay ay okok she said gino f-cked her like a p-rnstar
b-tch i’m a dance , you can catch me in the sky

booted high b-tch we know we looking fly
every time i comethru yea i’m rolling with guys
f-ck a hoe , i love the head yea i love the blow
got the choppa if you run up me imma let it go
f-ck you mean , i’m really with the gang all these broke n-ggas can’t hang
run up on them i’m finna let this b-tch bang
all these n-ggas claimin that they really on that gang sh-t
but when we pull up all these n-ggas on that hoe sh-t
how you disappear when you wanting all this beef
now i got that choppa who the f-ck want this beef
i quit to smoke a n-gga down like it’s a wood
how the f-ck you claiming that you really in the hood
we pop out , you disappear cause we got them sticks
imma go hit a n-gga down for talking sh-t
these hoes yea they always on my d-ck she be going up and down like she was a pogo stick
steady calling on my phone talking bout k!lling me
b-tch i’m getting money i can not go and meet
you tryna eat up on me like you was a f-cking leech
and ain’t gonna pull up because i ain’t tryna teach
how you could the d-ck baby ain’t no meet
i be in the street yea i really packing heat
got a 380 who the f-ck tryna die
got your b-tch , she tryna come right up on my side
imma go probably miss and c-m up in her eye
and it don’t even matter b-tch i got sum baby wipes
so don’t you cry imma wipe up that tear
yea these n-ggas know gino yea this my year
got your b-tch she said yea i love how you go steer
go so fast yea i’m in a stick switching gears
skrtt i jus went to your hoes house she top me up she gave me the whole mouth

gang gang b-tch we in it

- 47 gino testo

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