454 – heaven testo

attendere prego...

i just come through and i fly!
shawty come through from the sky d+mn
she is a angel i know it yea
she is a angel so fly d+mn
riding in bounds with the fye
shawty she got a lil vibe yea
smoking me out and it’s nice
shawty controlling my body

double homicide
pull up on you and i flyyyyyy
shawty riding round n round n round rideeee
when you say you down to ride lil mama is you
gone rideeee for me
and i’m super comfortable with knowing that you
be on sideee (of me)

i get stoneddd!
pull up on me and let’s smoke
shawty she straight from the coast
shawty be doing the most
she never go through my phone

are you gone ride for me
shawty gonе ride for meee yea
slide on ya block you’ll see
slidе on ya block you’ll see yea!
shawty right there on squeeze
driving with no id!
f+ck n+gga yo b+tch on me
f+ck n+gga don’t mention me

you stalling on me
never calling on me
when i jump on that road
you all that i see
never fall out with you
cause you know just how we
calling on me!
balling on meeee

calling on me
you a so called pop star
but you balling on me
you know what i mean girl
it’s all on me
spent a rack on them jeans
it’s all for me

she won’t do alexander mcqueen
shawty fly with me
take a trip don’t spend a thing
i got grip m16
what you wanna see from me
i can change a couple a things
you want shop on double g’s
baby just come f+ck me
i just don’t wanna see you in my life
shawty you just rock all typa ice
shawty you wanna live inside my light
shawty you wanna take over my lifeeee

take over my life x3

time running late to the gate wait
they say the weed is a gateway
them not from florida them fake plates
we got more water then great lakes
i wanna take us a trip utah
i pay in full i don’t pay a deposit
cafe urzulie in the back rolling ganja
and they gone f+ck with my dogs cause we under

i gotta lot of lil things on mind
it’s mandatory get straight to the grind
that’s the same story you say all every time!
i’m in my glory the sun like my smile
show up on time, we get more money
we go up in 5
13, plus another lil 5
18 put the power in drive

shawty dropped a lil bag homie so i left her with
some gas homie

- 454 testo

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