451 – vanilla* testo

attendere prego...

lyrics from snippet

i hope you got it figured out (say)
cut my phone, i ain’t pickin’ up, cah’ i got it figured out, yeah
i was gonna f+ck your ho, but i had to take another route (say)
he wasn’t f+cking with me, oh, na+na, how ’bout now?
(how ’bout now?) ayy, yeah (how ’bout now?)

sorry to say, i don’t f+ck with you no more
you was there, now you’re gone, can you blame me?
my new b+tch tastes like vanilla ice cream
she don’t smoke, but i do, so is i real lit
oh, ya still in my ends
it’s been six months and you tryna check in (say)
(oh, no+no+no+no+no, no)
(no, no, no)

[verse 1]
she said, “i tried to cool, but you’re hidin’ from me”
ask if i was blessed, i said, “ho, i’m goodie”

- 451 testo

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