44yugen – metr0n0m3_ testo

attendere prego...

i’m f+cking sick an’ tired of this sh+t
what, what
yuh (what)

hear you talk smack i swing back like a metronome
carry a strap tell a op it’s not shiny chrome
you is f+cked either way actin’ up silly moe
roll up my mans an’ the d miss no billy bro

glide wit the mop yuh we gettin’ schwifty
rigor an’ mortis yo soul gettin’ lifted
make yo ass sick spot it rip yo appendix
jimmy hendrix, gaze ‘pon ‘at n+gga smoke purp’ feelin’ hazy
pull on release yuh he gettin’ faded
drugs on combo jit numb to the pain man
recievin’ payment in form of brain man
all from his doe, hands to the floor, deep throat my nyoibo
in love wit the stature of my power pole
fruity an’ chocolate bad b+tch she a dole
lovin’ complexion too bad she a hoe
woah, woah, woah
an’ her friend is a snack, mix ’em right up, human yin an’ yang
while i giddy up on top yup yup hit it from the back saddle down face buck up
settle down ain’t wan’ catch a case nuh+uh
is that a frown, turn ’bout face tough luck
sideshow bob onna surgical cut, evanesce inna shadows scalpel untucked
what, what, what, what
what, what, what, what
what, what, what, what
what, what

- 44yugen testo

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