448 empire – oouu testo

attendere prego...


oouu, oouu, oouu
whole lotta 448 sh+t going on man
big bag
“this is a dj loud exclusive”
“hit+boy produced that”

[verse 1]
oouu, hit it from the back (oouu)
bit it up, pullin out the b+tch tracks
pull me up some eggs (oouu)
i just rolled backwood, full of gas (gas)
true legend pack (true)
white bih’ to white forced feaded head
turn to the back (yah)
i’ve been in the trap with the fellas at


diamonds moon walking, moonrock
got me on kicking ass
young smoking pretzels
you know i got the stick, hit from hit, man (yah)
he’s going to say the word (yah)
i’m in this ride showing like the redman
i’ve been with tps (yah)
now it gon f+ck a young n+gga hp

- 448 empire testo

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