448 empire – kobe testo

attendere prego...

michael montana checking in

[verse 1: 448 empire]
young n+gga ball like kobe
shoot us to the right [?]
said you get money you gotta show me
i ain’t here for the bag [?] slowly
and i f+ck your b+tch on [?]
i got two b+tches and they workin’
hit a l!ck with your cousin it’s worth it
i ain’t never seen a n+gga so nervous
gang bangin’ this ceiling green got my face hot
they tryna say 448 got the block, hot
sticks n beans p+ssy, you can get popped
i got 20 bands, f+ck shooting the shot
but i shoot for real, b+tch i shoot to k!ll
i remember last year, i was broke for real
i was diggin’ green

- 448 empire testo

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