44.caliberloveletter – halos and wings testo

attendere prego...

with wings on our backs
and halos on our heads
we will meet again
even if i was doomed and sinbound
i am ready for…

so im never coming back
never coming back
my wings have spread despite
them being black
don’t cry for me
cut cut cut the bullsh+t
i am truly happy
i swear i am

and even if
i have
to leave my old life
behind me
i believe
this will make
the nightmares stop

and in the end
i met
someone like me
and you helped me realise
who i truly am

im no longer
behind these
unbreakable walls
i cracked out the sh+ll
spread out my wings
and in true beauty
i will fly

even though i thought
the day would never come
i stare at it face to face
i dont fear it anymore

and now my moment has come
my day of flight
and if in your eyes im dead
i feel like im finally alive

this is the last you will
see of me
you can’t stop me now
i am finally free

- 44 caliberloveletter testo

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